Who Are We?

© Gudrun O’Leary

We are a community group with two aims:

  • Enhancing and safeguarding the beautiful woodlands in Dinas Powys and Michaelston le Pit
  • Finding creative and sustainable ways of reducing flood risk along stretches of the River Cadoxton in and around Dinas Powys.


We support local public bodies (such as Natural Resources Wales and Vale of Glamorgan County Council) and landowners (including Coed Cadw / Woodland Trust Wales) by researching, communicating, fund raising and engaging the public in activities that will help deliver these aims.

During 2019 and 2020 we successfully built an evidence base and facilitated public engagement around Natural Resource Wales’ consultation on flood risk in the Cadoxton catchment. Over 97% of survey responses called for Natural Flood Management and removal of obstructions to flow as the two preferred methods for controlling flood risk.

So now we are looking to do what we can to help our partners deliver our two aims.

© Terry Brooks