What Do We Hope To Achieve?

We believe that by creatively addressing sustainable alternatives upstream and removing blockages and enhancing storage capacity downstream on The Moors between Dinas Powys and Barry, an effective solution can be found to protect the environment AND keep flood risk within acceptable parameters, examples of these are shown below.

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In our research we have found many possible natural solutions upstream such as leaky dams near Michaelston Le Pit, local upstream tree planting, existing meadows and wet land in the Cadoxton watershed.

There are many examples of natural flood management (NFM’s) schemes throughout England (see Further Information) and it’s been shown that they can offer significant benefits by helping to manage flood risk, sometimes in conjunction with more traditional measures such as building traditional hard defences eg flood walls.

The Woodland Trust, in their published article ‘Ancient wood could be for the chop at Cwm George Woods’ suggest the use of NFM’s here in Dinas Powys. It says “Across the UK we work with many partners to reduce flooding impacts, with the use of natural measures which include tree planting or supporting the re-wetting of peat soils and habitats. Natural processes help to reduce surface water run-off into our rivers and streams by slowing the speed at which it enters and storing water within the trees and through natural dams created within woodlands”

Natural flood management is becoming an increasingly important part of managing flood risk around the country and we feel that NRW should invest in it here in Dinas Powys.

For more detail and examples of NFM’s throughout the UK go to our further information page.

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